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New from RPI:

Wilden® Bolted Style PTFE Diaphragms and Wilden® Full Flow PTFE Diaphragms (with pricing and quantity discounts).

The following part numbers are now available for immediate delivery:

Part Number Description &Price;
01-1010-64 PTFE Bonded to Rubber 120.00/ea
02-1010-64 PTFE Bonded to Rubber 250.00/ea
04-1010-64 PTFE Bonded to Rubber 318.00/ea
08-1010-64 PTFE Bonded to Rubber 395.00/ea
04-1010-55-42 Bolted Style 119.00/ea
08-1010-55-42 Bolted Style 157.64/ea
15-1010-55-42 Bolted Style 198.17/ea
04-1040-55 Full Flow 119.42/ea
08-1040-55 Full Flow 159.11/ea
15-1040-55 Coming Soon 203.98/ea

Click here for full Wilden Pump Offerings

Discount: 10% off with order of 10 or more/item

Unfortunately, all prices are subject to change w/o notice.

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