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One Diaphragm for all applications. No need to change pumps between different applications. R-FLEX Teflon Diaphragms work in every size of PTFE FITTED Wilden® pump for nearly every type of fluid. Combining the chemical resistance of Teflon with the flex life of rubber, R-FLEX Teflon Diaphragms on test have over three times the burst strength of ordinary Teflon overlays. This is possible because Teflon is 100% bonded to a reinforcing rubber backing, supporting the diaphragm evenly with every stroke.

R-Flex Diaphragms:

  • Have a longer flex life than the traditional two-piece diaphragms.
  • Exhibit superior impact and tensile strength than standard Teflon overlays.
  • Use the same shaft and plates as standard two-piece Teflon diaphragms.
  • Have been tested to over 3 times cycle life of Teflon overlays without failure.
  • Are interchangeable with Wilden® Pumps and Surge Dampeners.

Wilden® Pump Sizes: ½”, 1”, 11/2” & 2”

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Part Number Description
R-FLEX-08 Diaphragm, Will fit Wilden-style 2” Diaphragm Pump
R-FLEX-04 Diaphragm, Will fit Wilden-style1-1/2” Diaphragm Pump
R-FLEX-02 Diaphragm, Will fit Wilden-style 1" Diaphragm Pump
R-FLEX-01 Diaphragm, Will fit Wilden-style ½” Diaphragm Pump

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